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In the year 1983, a small shop was opened on 60 M Street to provide fast food. In the year 1993, the place was officially established as Abu Shehab Restaurant, then after that they developed and expanded the Restaurant for four consecutive years from 1997 until the year 2000, when they were working in the holy month of Ramadan to expand it. After that, they opened a second branch in the same street near the first Restaurant and named it (Abu Shihab City 2), and in 2005 they thought of making a city, so they received a piece of land from the Kurdistan government, where it will be the city of dreams (Abu Shihab City). On 17/7/2009.

Abu Shahab

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British Consulate – Erbil. Khanzad Hotel

Providing Food


Providing Food

  • Provide 4 Meals Daily
  • Providing Food for More Than 700 People in The Compan
GULF KESTONE Company – Erbil

Provide Food for Company Employees

the Americans – Erbil International Airport

Providing Food

  • 250 Special Forces Personnel
  • 2000 People In The Army
Government Institutions – Erbil

Providing Food


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